“R” is for R you kidding me?

Thanks to a close friend, I have now been introduced to the wonder that is Anthropologie Kids’ toys. How the fact that they offer toys escaped my Anthro-obsessed mind, I will never know. Perhaps it’s because I always go straight for what’s in my size in the sale room (be it online or in store). At any rate, for his birthday, Jed got their Branch & Twig Colored Pencils:

Meant for drawing, these colored pencils are a work of art in themselves.

And these Alphabet Animals Flashcards:

They are so beautifully designed, both front and back, that I want to frame them and hang them. (Of course, which side do you frame?) But they’re not just pretty faces. I’m learning a lot, too. That’s right. I am learning. Of course Jed is pickin’ up knowledge. That was a given. But you wouldn’t believe some of the animals they throw at two-year-olds. Like “N” is for Narwhal. “What the frick is a narwhal?” you might ask. Until Saturday, I’d have been right there with you. However, I, and my toddler both now know that it’s a type of whale. We also know that “X” is for Xantus — a Mexican hummingbird. Where do they come up with this stuff? Before having a baby (and in turn having flash cards and alphabet books) the only impala I knew was of the Chevy variety.

Jed’s favorite animal? Not a dog or a cat. A newt. Don’t get me wrong. I think this is adorable. It just scares me to think what else I can get him to learn right now. Another language? Nonlinear math? Perhaps next year we can get him to do our taxes.

I suppose what they say is true — they are sponges this age (“S” is for Sea Sponge), but how much should we really be  throwing at them? Is narwhal really necessary? What ever happened to nightingales?

What do I say when Jed looks at the “X” flashcard and says “X. Hummingbird.”?

I say, “That’s right, buddy. You’re so smart!”

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