Rustic Chic Georgia Wedding

Iwa and Mike: Hawaiian Heritage Meets Southern Charm

As promised earlier this week, I finally have photos to share from the wedding I went to last weekend in Athens. I recently put out a wedding-themed issue of a magazine and was up to my ears in tablescapes and trends, so I was extra appreciative of the bride and groom’s efforts. It was held at the Brick House Studio in Crawford, GA, about 25 minutes outside of Athens. Owned by an artist, the property combines both natural and whimsical elements making it the perfect romantic setting. I immediately fell in love with the clawfoot tub on the front porch. If more people had antique tubs on their porches instead of broken down washing machines, the world would be a dreamier place:) Rose petals down the aisle: Here comes the bride! I didn’t know Charlie Watts moonlighted as a wedding photographer:

I swear, officer. I’ve never seen this man before in my life. I don’t know why he keeps calling me “Honey.” Bluegrass music for the ceremony and cocktail hour. I think the mandolin player is checking out my ass! Hydrangeas in mason jars on the tables: And mason jars used the way God intended: My favorite outdoor decor was the bar. Loving the white distressed finish, and the lamps to each side atop the barrels looked amazing as it got darker. I love taking things that are traditionally used inside and moving them outside. (Except washing machines.) The one thing I wish I’d photographed but I ate too quickly to capture was the pie. All the rage these days, rather than a wedding cake they opted for a pie station. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I had a slice of each: peach basil and blueberry raspberry goat cheese. YUM. As someone who’s done so much research on weddings lately that she could get married all over again (but won’t, even though the torch incident at the rehearsal dinner had me rethinking things), I was very impressed. The most fun I’ve had at a wedding in a very long time! Have you been to a wedding lately? How did it compare?

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