When life gives you lemons… go shopping.

Okay, that statement may not have much merit on the surface, but my favorite Asheville boutique has been given its own share of lemons. Parlour is closing its doors at the end of the week and everything that used to be way out of my price range is now within reach at 50-75% off. Not to mention I’ve been desparately needing a new pair of jeans:

Yes, that’s a big tear you-know-where [insert “easy access” jokes here].

I hate to take advantage of others’ misfortunes, but being that I’ve had my own share of misfortune lately, I rationalized my way out of it with the  “misery loves company” route and decided to treat myself while the gettin’ was good (and in my size):

I got my jeans, a tee and what I like to refer to as an “elevated hoodie” to boot! It’s difficult to capture the details of a black hoodie with an iPhone camera — its wrap belt and buttoning dress it up a notch or two higher than your average loungewear, but it still has the comfy factor of a fleece sweatshirt. Win, win!

I hate dislike fear birds, but love them illustrated, embroidered and screenprinted on everything from shirts and sweaters to bags and paper. I don’t know why. This shirt was only $10! You can’t even buy a “clever” used tee at a vintage store for less than that these days.

Is there any point in showing an angle other than the butt? I tried on the women’s jeans in my size but with my long torso and generous behind, even plumbers can’t compete with my crack factor. On my frame, even women’s jeans that aren’t “low-rise” still seem to be. So rather than pay extra for the boyfriend-style jeans, I just bought men’s jeans. They cost less and fit me perfectly! Why didn’t I think of this before? An “ah-ha” fashion moment.

When I combine my “treat yourself” loot from today with the “I’m sorry you got fired” dress my parents bought for me the other week (also at Parlour at 30% off…thanks Mom and Dad!) I’m sittin’ pretty. And feeling not at all guilty, I tell you.

Like what you see? The hoodie and dress are by one of my fave fashion-forward brands, Skunkfunk. After this week, Parlour is moving that brand along with a few others to their other store, Honeypot. So if you’re in Asheville and want to do some fun shopping, check them out!

Show some local love! What are your favorite locally owned shops in your town? Share and link!

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