Get your flu shot.

20111108-151657.jpgYou may have heard the myth that the flu shot can actually make you sick. Well, it’s just that. A myth. When it first came out, it did indeed carry a live virus but that’s no longer the case. I found this out at Jed’s check-up last week and should’ve gone straight to the drug store for mine. Procrastination does not pay off. I tried to will myself back to health overnight only to wake up this morning even more incapacitated than the day before. The good news is that it’s made me realize that I do indeed yearn to be active and productive. (A recent “down” period had me feeling otherwise.) The bad news is that I’m stuck in bed. I was able to lift my head off the pillow around 11, and am now sitting up about to catch up on my Must See TV. I don’t have cable. Do they even call it that any more? And God bless Dave for taking off work to watch Jed. Taking care of a small child when you’re sick is about as much fun as doing so when you’re hungover. (Subtract the guilt and add body aches.) I really don’t know how you single parents do it. You are my heroes. If Dave weren’t home today and if my folks hadn’t been here yesterday, I would have been Les Mis. It really does take a village. And a blogosphere.

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