Nature, nurture and tofu.

Jed and I were playing outside on our driveway the other day and he was collecting rocks. “Here go, Mommy!” he said, holding them up to me.

“Thank you!” I said, “What is it?”

“Tofu!” he replied. He proceeded to stack them up to make a “tofu sandwich”:

While Dave thinks tofu tastes about as appetizing as these rocks look, I absolutely love it. But I don’t push it on Jed. He’s eaten it a few times and he likes it, but it’s not a prevalent part of his diet. Which makes me wonder: how much of my taste influences his and how much of it is about living in Asheville? He likes to play “haircut”. Is he going to start giving us dreads? Perhaps play holistic healer? (And Mommy does have blue hair now.) If we lived in Charlotte, would he be playing banker or NASCAR and pretending the rocks were Bojangles biscuits?

I love Asheville and really do hope the mountain mentality rubs off on him. In a perfect world, he’d get the best of Asheville, the best of Mom and the best of Dad. Although he does love to bathe. I don’t where he got that from.

How does your town’s culture influence your child?

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