Belly to Belly: Simple Things to Savor Before Baby

From the moment you find out you’re pregnant, it’s a countdown to the moment you will no longer be just you. Even if you’re married and already consider yourself a “we”, the single-to-married transition’s got nothing on the world-rocking metamorphosis into motherhood. You’ll still be you, just a new version of you. You 2.0.

You’ve probably already anticipated a lot of the You 2.0 features, such as the ability to operate on little to no sleep and an innate indifference to any and all substances coming out of  your baby’s orifices. But with the conversion, comes some adjustments. There are so many things to love about being a mom. So, so, so many. But (and it is a super cute baby butt), I want to share a few things you should savor before your bundle of joy arrives:

1. Showers. What you now just think of as part of your daily routine will later feel like a luxury spa treatment (if and when you get to take one in the bathroom by yourself. Not having an audience for everything is something else to savor). Enjoy the fact that you have time to soap, shampoo, condition and shave everything all in one shower. Take your time, sit under the water, sing songs that aren’t nursery rhymes, do a salt scrub. Linger until you get all pruny and the hot water runs out. Forget water conservation. You’ll make up for it soon enough.

2. Shoes. My mother gained a foot size and lost a cup size with each child. I lost the cup (boo), but was lucky that my feet remained at their already sizeable 9.5. This is not the case for many people. I have one friend who’s feet grew two sizes with one child. The point? Wear all of your favorite shoes while they still fit. You don’t know if you’re gonna grow!

3. Stairs. Once a stroller is involved, stairs become this evil video game-like obstacle (I almost expect an angry monkey at the top hurling barrels down at me). More often than not, you’re relegated to a very out-of-the-way elevator or ramp option, making a simple trip to any store involving a parking garage a total pain. Whenever I’m without Jed now and I need to take a flight of stairs to get where I’m going, I get so giddy, it’s kind of sad.

4. Driving. Alone. With the music (your music) blasting. This is still one of my favorite “me” time pastimes. An open highway and “Life is a Highway”. Who knew the road to sanity could be so simple?

Moms, what would you add to the list? 


3 thoughts on “Belly to Belly: Simple Things to Savor Before Baby

  1. …sleeping in your own bed instead of in the rocking chair, on the couch, or (God forbid) in the kiddo’s bed…

    …having time and quiet to think…first there is crying, then as they age there is whining, then questions, then “look mom!!”, and eventually worrying about them when they are away…

    …reading anything but kids’ books…

    …eating dinners with a more sophisticated flair, instead of chicken nuggets, applesauce and tater tots…

    Want more?? 😉

    But it’s worth every second and sacrifice. Hands down.

    1. Ha, these are great! I forgot about the sleeping logistics. I sleep in my own bed, but we usually get a “special guest” around 5am every morning. Can’t remember the last time we got a full night in bed to ourselves.

  2. Going to movies! I think I’ve been to a total of maybe two movies in theaters since my son was born. When I have rare time for a night out, I’d rather use it for dinner, talking and socializing!

    Lingering in bed on a Sunday morning. I used to covet that weekend time spent in bed for smooching, snoozing or just plain daydreaming. Now, it’s a distant memory when I’m awakened each morning to the sound of the “Yo Gabba Gabba!” theme song.

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