Pancake Day

Yesterday was IHOP National Pancake Day. I have never actually been to an IHOP (gasp)… always more of a Denny’s gal. But we celebrated in our house with some homemade pancakes. A first for Jed, and well, it had been awhile for me.

I used this easy pancake recipe from and added a little applesauce for some extra flavor. I also took note of the comments in the recipe, which recognized the recipe called for 2 tablespoons of baking powder, when it should be 2 teaspoons.

Dave pitched in with some omelettes, turning it into a full-blown brinner:


Jed had fun watching me flip the pancakes on the griddle, and thoroughly enjoyed his job as official helmet stylist:

If you ever come to our house for dinner, please know we wash all of our kitchenware thoroughly after and before using it.

Brinner is a favorite weeknight meal in our house. What’s yours?


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