Overgrown Kale: Greens Gone Wild

It’s almost mid-April and we’ve yet to prep our garden for spring and summer. We planted a few veggies and herbs this past winter on a whim, and by luck (and some insanely unseasonable weather) a few of them made it to harvest. And then there’s our green monster:

Yes, that “bush” with yellow flowers sprouting two feet out the top of it is our kale. We cut a bunch of it a few months ago for kale chips, but then assumed the frost got the better of our crops and kind of forgot about them. Then the warm weather hit and our kale went crazy. There’s so much of it, but I’m wondering if it’s even good anymore or if it’s past its prime? If any of you green thumbs out there have an idea, please let me know. We need to start planting soon and I don’t know if we should attempt to harvest this behemoth bounty of kale or chalk it up to compost.


2 thoughts on “Overgrown Kale: Greens Gone Wild

  1. Lindsey! It’s Lisa, Laura’s friend. She sent me your blog link. Your kale has bolted. This used to happen to us and I think it’s done for. The leaves tasted tough and it didn’t grow any nice leafy leaves after. That was just our experience and maybe East coast kale is different than high mountain desert kale, but we had to compost it. Hope everything is going well!

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