32 Going on 33

I don’t understand people who don’t like their birthdays. What’s not to like? You’re getting a year older. Big deal. Actually, it is a big deal but not the “one year closer to death” fest most people make it out to be. You shouldn’t lament your age, you should celebrate it. Most of us (including myself) know too many people who weren’t fortunate enough to get older. So lighten up, and live it up!

I love my birthday. I always have. I don’t go as far as taking off from work, and I don’t really get off on throwing parties for myself (I love it, but don’t expect others to love it as much as I do), but I usually take at least part of the day to treat myself to a pedicure, a fun lunch and do something special with my family (those I can force guiltlessly to share the love). I’m also a gift whore. Being rather particular, family members usually opt for the DIY route when it comes to presents. My parents are “getting” me this necklace from Smart Glass Jewelry. It’s from the Eco Meets Edge line, with a bronze chain (easier to maintain than sterling silver) and the circle’s made from white wine bottles. Mom and Dad have such good taste:)

Large circle on large brass chain, $54, smartglassjewelry.com.

Not sure what the hubs has in store for me. I think he’s out on the hunt right now. He’s not allowed to just hand me a check (that was written in our ketubah), so the pressure is on!

Tomorrow, I turn 33. (You will not see this on my Facebook page. Facebook birthdays are one of my social media pet peeves.) It’s not a monumental age. At 18, I could vote. At 21, I could drink. At 25, I could rent a car.

But, a recent survey showed that 33 is the happiest age (someone tell that to Jesus). According to the British website, Friends United, 70 percent of people over 40 chose 33 as their happiest year. I’m not sure why this is, but I look forward to finding out!

One thought on “32 Going on 33

  1. Lindsey,

    Happy birthday! I don’t love getting older but I think there is some important wisdom that comes with aging.

    And I agree COMPLETELY about Facebook birthdays. UGH!

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