Greyhound’s Anatomy: Vet Building’s Design Gone Wrong?

An animal hospital in North Asheville just finished construction of its new building on a very busy street corner. It’s really nice, but there’s something about it that really bothers me.

See those huge windows? On the other side are the operating rooms. If you’re approaching this stoplight from the other direction, you can turn and see them performing surgeries on animals while you wait for a green light. This just doesn’t sit right with me. I can understand how the windows are nice for the veterinarians, and it would be one thing if the glass were one-way. Who doesn’t like natural light in their work environment? But if it were my dog on the operating table, I don’t think I’d want him on display for anyone walking or driving by to see. What if it were your grandmother or your child? A human hospital would never get away with this fishbowl design.

I was just driving by the other day and saw a dog (or incredibly large cat) under the knife. And that’s another thing. It’s so distracting. I was so entranced by the operation that I didn’t notice the light had turned in my favor. I wasn’t in danger of causing an accident, but in the age of texting, tweeting and doing God-knows-what-else while driving, do we really need something else taking our attention away from the wheel?

Most of all though, it’s the privacy issue. I’m a “dogs are people, too” type of gal, and I can’t imagine my babies undergoing a serious surgery while doubling as a window display for my vet’s business.

If this were your vet, would you have a problem with this? Or is there an advantage to this design I’m not seeing? What would you do?

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