Lindsey Loving: thomaspaul

After admiring his accessories and home decor for years, I finally took the plunge and bought a thomaspaul pillow!

Thanks to an opened box, I got it at 40% off from the outlet of one of my favorite home decor sites,

If you aren’t familiar with his work, Thomas Paul started his own company over 10 years ago with pillows, but has expanded his brand to a whole world of whimsical accessories including bedding, rugs and (next on my thomaspaul wishlist) scarves!


Throw pillows are indeed a relatively cheap way to change the look of a room. I mean, yes, it’s less than buying a new sofa or chair, but they still cost a pretty penny. It took me a long time to make this pillow purchase, but I hope it to be a first of many. I love my fish, but he’s very lonely. Perhaps he needs a friend?

Put a bird on it!


I love the reverse action on the balloon pillow!


Start ‘Em Young

Want to be that annoying friend who refuses to give a baby gift that’s on the registry? You should check out the thomaspaul baby line. SO stinkin’ cute with bunny pillows and blankets:


ModernĀ and Nostalgic

While not technically part of the baby line, there’s a collection of thomaspaul pillows inspired by antique toys and dolls that are perfect for any child’s room. In a world with no budget, Jed would be holding court with the whole gang on our playroom sofa:


I could have spent a little less and bought a throw pillow that I was less than enthused about. But I’d rather take my time and invest in pieces that really make me happy. And I can’t look at a thomaspaul print and not smile.

What home decor are you saving up for?

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