The Baby Whisperer

My friend Emily visited this week with her four-month-old daughter, Maggie. It was the first time I’d met Maggie and it was love at first sight…

Maggie and Me

…at least it was for me.

Jed was so adorable with her. In addition to telling me over and over, “I love babies,” he also gave her his lamp to use in the guest room and offered to share his crackers (which she politely declined via Mommy). I’m not under the delusion that a more permanent junior resident in our household would yield the same enthusiasm, but it was cute to see how Jed reacted with a baby.

Not only did Emily bring the cutest baby ever, she also brought the most thoughtful gifts for her hosts. First for Jed, who loves to read:

bedtime shadow book


This book is so clever! Jed was so excited to use the flashlight to see the pictures that there hasn’t been one “negotiation” to get him into bed this week.

For me, Emily read my recent post on Orla Kiely and got me this stationery:

Orla Kiely notecards
Photo from LRstitched.

It’s a gift that says both “I know you” and “I read your blog.” Gotta love that:) And what I love almost as much is the gift bag in which it came:

cupcake gift bag

The best thing of all was just having them here. Rain and ick made it difficult to explore Asheville with a baby and toddler (not to mention opposite nap schedules), but when you’re with a good friend, does it really matter where you are? Unless of course you’re trapped in a gas station bathroom together with Kenny G Muzak playing on repeat. That would suck.

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