Sweet Migraine Remedy

I have migraines on the brain today… quite literally. My friend Aleigh told me that she heard on The People’s Pharmacy that drinking an ice-cold milkshake to try to induce brain freeze can cut through and lessen migraine pain. I can’t think of a better reason to hop in the car and head to The Hop… if I could drive right now. Or make this amazing strawberry balsamic milkshake from The Kitchen is My Playground… if I could stand the sound of blender right now.

Strawberry balsamic milkshake from The Kitchen is My Playground.

2 thoughts on “Sweet Migraine Remedy

  1. Brain freeze happens to everyone at one time or another. The stresses of life can cause the brain to just freeze up and not be able to think clearly. Overcoming those brain freeze moments can be done using a few simple steps.Make a list of stressful issues. Stress often has many causes and getting to the root of those stressful elements of life can break the mental logjam and get thoughts flowing more freely.”

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