Legen – wait for it – dairy.

So, I know that if you aren’t going to go all-out organic that you should at least buy organic milk. But the milk from the Homestead Creamery in Wirtz, VA, was less expensive and it came in an old school glass bottle that I couldn’t resist.

homestead creamery milk

So it begs the question: Is local(ish) milk made with no artificial hormones just as good as its organic counterparts? I found this comment written by Homestead Creamery Co-Owner Donnie Montgomery in a Whole Foods blog post:

“…we are not certified organic however, our goal is to use the resources that we have to sustain our farm in a natural way. Some of our practices include pasturing our cows and raising our crops for feed. We use our manure and waste for fertilizer, practice crop rotations and plant cover crops. These practices help with weed control, fertilization, soil erosion, and also increases organic matter in the soil. We also use natural predators to assist in fly control. Our feed is comprised of the corn…mostly in the form of silage made by chopping the whole corn plant. We also feed them [the cows] hay that is grown on the farm.”

Good enough for me! Now that I’ve gone glass, I can never go back. Homestead has ruined me for other milk. And I hear their chocolate milk is divine dairy decadence.

My husband, while very supportive, is having a lot of fun at my expense with my recent real food fascination. No, Dave, I don’t know the cow’s name who provided the milk or if she was happy while being milked that day. I don’t know whether the milk truck that delivered the milk to the store runs on biofuel. And I don’t know if the milkman personally uses any artificial hormones or antibiotics. We watch a lot of Portlandia.

2 thoughts on “Legen – wait for it – dairy.

  1. Love reading about your new food resolutions – it’s motivating me to give some of the Real Food challenges a try once our farmer’s market opens for the season!

  2. Love the title!!! It’s the best:)
    Wish we could get that brand here ……guess I’ll try when I come visit..
    Laughed out loud…

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