Our Daily Bread: Baguette

When I’m not blogging here (which is most of the time), I help small businesses with their social media, marketing and PR needs. One of my clients runs a market that includes a bakery with pastries and breads scratch-made daily. I’ve gained 10 pounds since they opened in February — occupational hazard.

Dave and I love bread. I never even considered the Atkins diet and I pass on Passover. I’m not there every day, but each day that I am,  I’m bringing home a different loaf of bread for us us to try. Tonight, it’s a baguette. It’s actually one we’ve both tried before, but it’s just so good. I’ve heard from customers who lived in Paris that it’s the first baguette they’ve had here that’s the real deal.

We are going to eat it alongside a shrimp gumbo… swiping up the the last bits in the bowl with a crusty piece of baguette. Yum!



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