In the Weeds

photo-9Today was a yard work day. And being that we had more weeds in our herb garden than actual herbs, I had my work cut out for me. As I detangled the undesirables from my lavender, I thought about the Jane Fonda workout record my sister and I used to do with my mom. That’s right, a workout via vinyl (if that doesn’t date me I don’t know what does). In retrospect, my mom was probably really making an effort to exercise and there were her two little girls underfoot doing their best to keep up. I like to think we were more cute than in the way. We would jog in place, trying not to make the record skip and “pull weeds” to the tune of  “Can You Feel It” by The Jacksons. After today, though, I can safely say that pulling actual weeds is a better calorie burner (no offense, Fonda).

My three-and-a-half year-old son tried his best to assist. He grunted and grimaced as he pulled on a particularly stubborn weed. “Come on,” he said, half to the weed, half to himself.

“Yeah, Jed,” I said, “You tell that weed who’s boss.”

“Who’s boss, weed! Who’s, boss!” he screamed at the weed, repeatedly.

Definitely more cute than in the way.

2 thoughts on “In the Weeds

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