The Skinny

What’s Lindsey Living?

Hi there! I’m Lindsey. I’m a writer, a mom and a wife — not necessarily in that order. I’m lucky if I remember to change the sheets once a week, forget changing the world, but I try my best to be a mindful, gracious person who does not take her anxiety out on her husband every night before bed.

I’m not a runner, I’m not the best cook (though I try!), and I’ve been known to make sweeping declarations about making more “me” time, exercising more, being more crafty, only to end up back in my sweatpants on the couch at the end of the day (sweatpants that did not see the inside of a gym or a hiking trail). I have good healthy living intentions mixed with a “healthy” dose of humanity (read: oh-so endearing vices and faults). And that’s what I call Lindsey Living 🙂

Thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy and drink often!

5 thoughts on “The Skinny

  1. YEA!!! You’re back!!! Love your posts…you do make me laugh, you are making a difference, and you are a A+ mom, wife, daughter, niece, sister, blogger, friend, etc, etc!!! One of these days, I’m heading northeast to try out your cooking, too.

    Can’t wait to read and learn more….happy posting 🙂


  2. Hi Lindsey,
    I just found your blog when I got an email to connect on LinkeIn. This is a beauty. I’m bookmarking it. Still at the preschool? J.

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