5 Reasons Why Walmart’s Online Grocery Shopping is My New Everything


I know, right? It’s so big. And boxy. But when you live in rural North Carolina, a trip to “the Walmart” is as much a part of your week as going to the post office… or the ABC Store. It may not be as white and shiny as Target, with its “affordable” lines of clothing from high-end designers. The lighting may be depressing, some of the clientele might be equally depressing, and you can’t find specialty items like hemp hearts…

Wait, I had a point. Oh yes. Their new online grocery shopping! If you like the idea of Walmart’s prices, but the idea of going into Walmart depresses the crap out of you or stresses you out to no end, this is the perfect solution. It has changed my life. Let me count the ways:

  1. It saves time. It takes some time to pick out my items online, but nowhere near as much time as it does to walk through the aisles at the store. Especially considering I usually have a kid or two in tow, which leads me to my second point.
  2. It saves my sanity. My 2-year-old daughter can Houdini her way out of any shopping cart seatbelt, so it’s no surprise that she won’t stand right beside me quietly while I compare prices on pasta. I can pick out my items from the comfort of my couch rather than picking up every item she pulls off the shelves as we go. This reason alone is enough to shop online.
  3. No impulse shopping. I admit it. I’m the one who walks by the displays right before checkout and has to have that Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo DVD for 4.99 (true story). And what’s that? Lip balm in a cute ball-shape container? Yes, please!
  4. Two words: Savings Catcher. This feature of the Walmart app finds out if an item you bought is being sold elsewhere for less and puts the difference on a gift card for you. So if you buy Silk Almond Milk at Walmart for $2.98, but it’s on sale at Harris Teeter for $2.50, the Savings Catcher will “catch” that and pocket the 0.48 for you. All you have to do is enter the TC# from each receipt into the app, and let it do the rest. It’s literally mindless and it adds up. This is something you can use whether you shop online or in-store, but I just discovered it and am pretty obsessed.
  5. It’s free! Yes, I know Publix has free online grocery shopping, too. But the closest Publix to my house is 45 minutes away and it’s not quite budget friendly enough to be the go-to store for my weekly basics.

I admit I was concerned about the produce, but I couldn’t have picked out a better bunch of bananas myself. All of this being said, the one thing that kills me is that I can’t use my own shopping bags. But I’m hanging onto the hope that following this whole hand sanitizer ban, the EPA will find that plastic bags are actually good for the planet. In the meantime, reusing and recycling alleviates my conscience enough (oh, the things you can make with plarn).

If you want to try it, use this link. You’ll save $10, and so will I.




The Nursery Is Ready. Baby, Almost Ready!

I’m at the point in my pregnancy where I will bring life into the world before my milk in the fridge expires. It’s really any day now. And while I don’t feel as psycho ready as I did the first time, at least I have the nursery all finished!


My aunt makes these amazing quilts and has created one for our little girl, which will be en route to Asheville with my parents when they come for The Event. I plan to hang it over the crib. She also made a cushion for the rocking chair to match!


I also want one of those giant letter A’s to go over the day bed. Other than that, it’s pretty much done!


I could probably do a better job of storing the wipes and dipes, but I know if it’s the slightest bit of an extra step, it won’t last long anyhow.


As Jed says, all we need now is the baby:)



Fun Fruit Bowl Alternative

Fun Fruit Bowl Alternative

Green apples in a wooden or white bowl. It’s been done. (I’ve done it.) Why not mix it up? Tangerines really pop in this blue bowl.

Classing Up the Joint: New Entryway “Bench”

We’ve been scouting Craigslist for months for a reasonably priced church pew (my friend has one in her front room and I LOVE it). But then I found these theatre seats at The ScreenDoor for a steal and couldn’t resist. They make such a fun alternative to the typical bench. Well, okay, they are technically stadium seats, but calling them theatre seats makes us sound more like patrons of the arts and less like people who own a giant foam finger.

entry hall theatre chairs

Tackling Your Laundry List

I’m about to show you something that I usually keep behind closed doors.

laundry pile

This is not staged or styled or enhanced with any Instagram features for your benefit. This is my laundry. This is also my chair (if you can see under the mountain of mess.) I, like a child, tend to put off the ickier things in life… the things on my “to do” list that aren’t fun or pleasant. I often hear my mother’s sing-songy mantra in my head, “Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do.”  I know she’s right, but that doesn’t keep me from saying, “I know, I know,” to nobody in particular like a crazy person as I pass by the ever-growing piles of laundry in pursuit of greener (but obviously not cleaner) pastures. Did I mention this wasn’t the only pile?

So today I’ve hit my mess threshold. I decided I need to be a role model for my son and clean up after myself. After I finish this post, I’m logging onto Netflix for back-to-back-to-back episodes of my latest guilty TV pleasure while I fold and more importantly PUT AWAY the laundry. But I’m not telling you what show I’m watching—that’s even more embarrassing than my laundry situation.

What do you do to motivate for the icky household chores?

Orla Kiely for Method

I’m obsessed with all things Orla Kiely. She’s the first handbag I went back to once I graduated from my diaper bag (yay!):


And when she made melamine plates for Target, I snapped those up as well:

Orla Kiely Target
I got all of the plates, but missed the boat on the bowls and mugs.



I made my monthly pilgrimage across town to Target over the weekend and found that Orla Kiely had made yet another match in heaven with Method. Yes, I will buy the soap that comes in the prettier bottle. It’s such an easy way to pretty up a guest bathroom! Besides, I would buy toilet paper if it came in an Orla Kiely print.



My Mid-Century Modern Sofa

Last night after a fun-turned-frantic evening out with friends, I plopped myself down on our old, worn sectional in my favorite corner spot with a bowl of pasta and an episode of Frasier. I was in my total comfort zone. But 20 minutes later when I stood up to take my dish to the sink, I felt it. My entire bottom was soaking wet straight through to my skin. The blanket was wet as was the cushion. Not only had I been in my comfort zone, I was also in a giant pool of dog piss.

Traveler Gordon Setter
Was it Traveler?

Wookie dog
Or Wookie?

They haven’t broken their silence yet, but my money is on Traveler. The cushion was way too soaked for it to have happened in the time Jed and I had walked through the door and Wookie had been crated while we were away. Plus, Traveler may seem harmless, but he has a salty streak. And it was right on my spot on the couch. Someone was sending me a message. The message delivered may have been, “I can’t believe you left me for an entire evening, I am so spoiled,” but the message I chose to read was, “This couch has suffered its last trauma. It has lived through nine years of spills, stains and natural disasters. The slip covers can no longer cover. It’s time.”

I didn’t expect to find a replacement right away, but saw this mid-century modern sofa for a steal on Craigslist and had to snap it up before someone else did:

It even folds out into a queen-sized bed (pillows and throw not included). I bought it from an artist and her husband at their studio. Bringing a toddler into a ceramic studio is not something I will be doing again, but we made it out without buying any broken works of art. They had a lot of other amazing mid-century and industrial pieces (just look at that magazine holder next to the sofa!), but I had to stay focused on what we needed. I think it will go well with our Chesterfield–complementary but not matchy-matchy.

Dave is in Reno and I didn’t want to trouble him with a useless argument about whether or not our old sectional still had more life in her. So I waited to call him and surprise him after our “all sales are final” purchase was made. It’s just easier that way for everyone.

When the cat’s away, the mice will buy super cool retro modern furniture.