Apple crate bookshelves.

We put these together awhile ago and have had the crates for even longer, but every time I think to snap a photo, it’s during nap time, and the shelves are in Jed’s room. But today I thought ahead!

I found these crates on Craigslist for $5 each and literally drove to BFE to get them (the guy lived in the township of Egypt), but it was well worth the beautiful country drive. The ad itself actually provided the inspiration for the shelving with pictures of all the different things you can do with apple crates, such as these amazing shelves (sold on Ebay from Australia):

I then got Pinterested in this project from Ohdeedoh:

In the end, I stuck with the natural wood of the crates, as mine are super old with lots of character that I didn’t want to cover up with paint. I was insistent on doing this project all by myself, but Dave really wanted to get involved. It was kind of cute that he wanted to help build his son’s bookcase, so I gave in and deemed it a family project. We fastened the crates together with wood screws in the middle and on the back so you can’t see them. Other than that, I wiped them down, removed any rogue nails and smoothed out potential splinter hazards. That was really all there was to it!