Neighborhood Toy Store Day

The word on Facebook from the wonderful folks at Asheville Grown, is that today is Neighborhood Toy Store Day. The top two things other than food that I like to buy local when I can are books and toys. There’s a certain charm to neighborhood toy and book shops that could never be replicated in a big box, and I find it worth paying any extra mark-ups necessary in order for them to thrive. But today, we’ll focus on the toys:) And just in time for some (early?) holiday shopping. With all the talk of Black Friday turning into Black November, perhaps, it’s not as early as I think to get a jump on my gift list!

According to the NTSD site, participating stores in Asheville include a new store downtown called Curio (tagged “for the cute and curious” — it looks cute and I’m curious!), Once Upon a Time in Biltmore , and Dancing Bear Toys is going to have raffles and refreshments in honor of the day! While they’re not listed on the NTSD site, my favorite local toy store, The Toy Box, is celebrating with an appearance by Santa from 11-1 and a showing of the Top 10 Toys of the Year.

Do you have a favorite local toy store in your area? Share in a comment and spread the local love! And even better, visit them today for some holiday shopping:)