Designing a Blog on a Budget

After a few frustrating days of tutorials gone wrong and misleading “build your own banner” sites, I decided to take blog design matters out of my own hands. I could not afford a full-blown package , and decided I could get the best bang for my buck by hiring someone to resdesign my banner and a coordinating grab button a la carte. Choosing a couple of items a la carte rather than an entire package is a great way to update your look without emptying your bank account.

I found Tiffany (TKC Designs) through the Blog Designer Network. I actually did not look close enough and chose her off the Blogger designer list, but she was willing to work with me anyhow and give WordPress a go. Since it was just a banner and she only needed to work off my specs, it wasn’t too big a deal.

Tiffany intrigued me for two reasons:

1. As a designer, her site is her sales pitch. It was clean, feminine, attractive, not too busy. I could tell she knew how to edit and not overdo things. I could tell she had talent.

2. When I read about her, I found that she was also the mother of a two-year-old living in the South who worked from home when she could squeeze it in, so I liked that we had that connection:) I believe in hiring a person, not just a service.

I am very picky about design. I did not know exactly what I wanted, but I knew what I didn’t want and had a vague idea of what I wanted. She was so sweet and wonderful to work with: responsive, efficient, flexible and a very positive attitude. I tried to be as detailed as I could in filling out her questionnaire, because I know from experience in the industry, the worst thing you can do for a graphic designer is be vague, with directions like “be creative”. I was so impressed when she nailed it on the first try! So very impressed that we dabbled with a second option just to be sure. But it was love at first sight. Like that rare time you find the dress at the first store you go to, the first one you try on… you still have to shop around a little just to absolutely certain.

And I could not believe the value. The feminist in me wants to shake her shoulders and insist, “Don’t you know you’re worth more than this?” But the wallet in my bag says, “Keep your mouth shut!”

Seriously, could not be happier with my new look. Thanks, Tiffany!

She also created my grab button! I’m still working out the coding kinks to put it in my sidebar, but feel free to grab it and link back if you want to show your Lindsey Living love:)

What do you think of my makeover?