Sicky Sunday

Jed had a rude awakening Friday night with a low-grade fever that’s climbed it’s way up to a mid-grade fever today. (Of course the weekend my best friend is visiting from Decatur, GA, but she’s a rockstar and doesn’t scare easy.) Dave is out of town, Emily had to drive back to Decatur this morning… and then there were two. What do you do on a beautiful fall day quarantined inside with a two-year-old?

1. Perfect your plane drawing. I’m particulary proud of this one:)

2. Oversee the building and tearing down of several towers. I incorporated the valuable lesson that it’s easier to destroy than it is to create. I’m embarrassed to say that this loosely comes from a Star Trek quote, but it does have merit.

3. Finally learn all of the words to the Thomas the Tank Engine theme song. They can’t possibly expect this to be a catchy ditty for toddlers. “Shunting trucks and hauling freight?” I do love the word “shunting” though.

4. Lose at sink chicken. (See the end of my post on co-cooking.) If you’ve never engaged in this domestic duel, you’re either innately a clean person or you live with one. I envy you.

I’m trying my best to keep him busy when he has bursts of energy without letting him run all over the place, hence the drawing and building. I’m really trying to curb his TV time though it’s so tempting just to let him zone out. We’re also reading lots of books. Emily just brought us a new one up from Decatur that was a gift for Jed but just as much a gift for me… she know me too well:) Beautiful illustrations and I’m sure you know the words! I didn’t know whether to read or sing!


How do you keep your child busy (but not too busy) and stay sane while he or she is sick?