When the cat’s away, the mice eat veggie burgers.

The way Dave acts about meat and his manhood, you’d think meat alternatives like tofu and tempeh were actually injected with estrogen. Before Jed, I’d have no trouble cooking up some tofu when Dave wanted a steak, but with Jed, we’re all trying to eat the same dinner at the same time for his sake. He can develop irrational food biases in his own good time… but it can be quite the challenge.

Still, whenever Dave’s out of town, I take advantage and cook up something that would make his stomach turn. True, I tend to eat like a college student when left to my own devices, but I’ve elevated it a tad to include some fresh ingredients as well:

You are looking at a MorningStar Farms spicy black bean veggie burger cut up, topped with turkey bacon (for some reason I love the combo of veggie burgers and bacon!), havarti cheese, spinach (something fresh), and my latest obsession, Bolthouse Farms Classic Ranch Yogurt Dressing — only 45 calories per serving, three grams of fat, and it’s just as creamy and dreamy as the real thing!

A healthier person would add more spinach, make this a salad and call it a day. I turn just about everything into a wrap or burrito, and this was no exception. And I had a side of Imagine Organic Creamy Broccoli Soup topped with some shredded cheese (I add cheese to just about everything). It was yum! Very Lindsey. Very anti-Dave.

For fear of what a spicy black bean burger would do to Jed (although he loves black beans) I made him a Gardenburger, which he gobbled up. Made his momma so proud.

Do you eat differently from your family? How does it affect your dinnertime?