Father’s Day Craft — It’s Not Too Late!

It’s so great having a dad in your life who’s a cliche. There are so many more Father’s Day craft ideas out there when Dad loves fishing or golfing as opposed to say, handcuff collecting.


Love might even be an understatement when it comes to my husband‘s relationship with fly fishing. So when it came to Father’s Day, I knew the only thing that would make him happy would be a day on the water. That, and an adorable handmade, heart-made gift from the two greatest little people in our lives:

photo 1

Thank you, Pinterest!


The Best Kind of Carb? A Macaroni Necklace

I swear I almost cried when I opened Jed’s lunch bag after school and pulled out this macaroni necklace:

I could not believe how moved I was by macaroni. I was prepared for the major early milestones: first word, first steps… but I did not have “first macaroni necklace” on the list of things that would strike a chord with me. I just love little surprises like that.

What’s snuck up on you lately?

A fly tier’s wife.

I asked Dave to pick up some yellow nail polish for my banana costume (sadly not nearly the most unattractive costume I’ve chosen), and he came back with these:

A “normal” person’s reaction is surprise. Shock that he would think to buy me nail hardener as well. How sensitive. How weird. How wrong.

The nail hardener, much like the feathers and foam he buys are for his crafts, sorry, fly tying. It’s actually quite an incredible hobby that requires great patience and skill. But the accoutrements make me giggle: Dave and the scrapbooking ladies gabbing in line for the register at Michael’s:)

Is your man crafty, too?

Happy Halloween everyone!