I Wanna New Rug

I love home design. But I know that my expensive taste doesn’t match my current life. So until my children are older (possibly moved out of the house) and I stop feeling the need to add new, poorly trained animals to our brood, I have to set limits and get my design fix through blogs like Design Milk and my new favorite Instagram account, @hunkerhome. If money were no object, my floors would be smattered with statement rugs from Thomas Paul. It’s just hard to rationalize investing in furniture or decor that will get peed, pooped and puked on. This is not a mere possibility, it’s an inevitability.

I have a rug rule: If it’s 5×7 or smaller, it has to be under $200. And all rugs must be under $300. We just said goodbye to our cowhide rug, which was layered over a natural jute rug. You would be surprised how well cowhide handles stains, but in the end it had more bald spots than an Olive Garden at 4pm. And the jute rug had seen its share of set-in stains, like the one from last summer when Dave decided to see what would happen if he squeezed a fully engorged tick he pulled from one of the dogs. He couldn’t have stepped three feet to the left and done this over the very wipeable hardwood floors (no furniture rearrangement could hide that one).

It didn’t take me long to pick out this Trent Austin rug from AllModern:

We already had a blue/brown thing going in our living room, and certainly didn’t need any more brown added to the mix. I love how the pattern almost welcomes messes, as it kind of looks like a loosely orchestrated Rorschachian spill itself. Dave and I have a bet on how long it will take for Thatcher to “christen” the rug. He only gave it a day, and I bet three. We are on day four with no accidents, so everybody loses and yet… winning!

In other home design news: Did you know that Canadians refer to all sofas as Chesterfields and not just these? Totally rethinking the Barenaked Ladies lyrics now. Mind. Blown.

Classing Up the Joint: New Entryway “Bench”

We’ve been scouting Craigslist for months for a reasonably priced church pew (my friend has one in her front room and I LOVE it). But then I found these theatre seats at The ScreenDoor for a steal and couldn’t resist. They make such a fun alternative to the typical bench. Well, okay, they are technically stadium seats, but calling them theatre seats makes us sound more like patrons of the arts and less like people who own a giant foam finger.

entry hall theatre chairs

My Mid-Century Modern Sofa

Last night after a fun-turned-frantic evening out with friends, I plopped myself down on our old, worn sectional in my favorite corner spot with a bowl of pasta and an episode of Frasier. I was in my total comfort zone. But 20 minutes later when I stood up to take my dish to the sink, I felt it. My entire bottom was soaking wet straight through to my skin. The blanket was wet as was the cushion. Not only had I been in my comfort zone, I was also in a giant pool of dog piss.

Traveler Gordon Setter
Was it Traveler?

Wookie dog
Or Wookie?

They haven’t broken their silence yet, but my money is on Traveler. The cushion was way too soaked for it to have happened in the time Jed and I had walked through the door and Wookie had been crated while we were away. Plus, Traveler may seem harmless, but he has a salty streak. And it was right on my spot on the couch. Someone was sending me a message. The message delivered may have been, “I can’t believe you left me for an entire evening, I am so spoiled,” but the message I chose to read was, “This couch has suffered its last trauma. It has lived through nine years of spills, stains and natural disasters. The slip covers can no longer cover. It’s time.”

I didn’t expect to find a replacement right away, but saw this mid-century modern sofa for a steal on Craigslist and had to snap it up before someone else did:

It even folds out into a queen-sized bed (pillows and throw not included). I bought it from an artist and her husband at their studio. Bringing a toddler into a ceramic studio is not something I will be doing again, but we made it out without buying any broken works of art. They had a lot of other amazing mid-century and industrial pieces (just look at that magazine holder next to the sofa!), but I had to stay focused on what we needed. I think it will go well with our Chesterfield–complementary but not matchy-matchy.

Dave is in Reno and I didn’t want to trouble him with a useless argument about whether or not our old sectional still had more life in her. So I waited to call him and surprise him after our “all sales are final” purchase was made. It’s just easier that way for everyone.

When the cat’s away, the mice will buy super cool retro modern furniture.