Dave’s doppelgänger

Ever since we moved to Asheville three years ago, friends have told us that my husband Dave bears an uncanny resemblance to David Pransky, the bass player for Asheville-based band Toubab Krewe. I had the pleasure of interviewing their percussionist Luke Quaranta today for a story and during my research, finally looked up a picture of Pransky:

I always had a thing for musicians. I guess this is as close as it gets!

I always wonder if I have a doppelgänger out there. I’ve been told I look like just about any celebrity with curly hair from  Minnie Driver to Chelsea Clinton. (Especially Chelsea… and especially during her/our awkward tween years.) I was also once mistaken for a journalist who was held hostage in Iraq, based on the pictures shown of her on the news right after her release. Apparently I looked like I had been terrorized and tortured. Really, I’d just gotten back from a bachelorette weekend. So I can see how the mistake was made.

I like to think Identical Me (a slightly less hippier version with bigger boobs, just so I can see what that looks like) works in her family’s bake shop in the south of France making amazing wedding cakes, and designs beautiful eco-friendly clothing in her spare time. But she probably works in the Red Light District in Amsterdam. Not even as one of the gals in the windows, but more likely the person who cleans the bathrooms of the women who sit in the windows. (I mean they can’t sit in those windows all day without taking a bathroom break, right? Especially the really old ones.)

Who do you imagine your doppelgänger to be?

Also, Traveler turns eight today! He’s one salty old dog and I love him to death — grumbles, gas and all. We took him to the park for a romp, and will give him a special birthday “Better Than” pig ear after dinner. I promised Jed he could help Traveler blow out his candle:) Happy birthday, Trav!