Spring’s here!

On the first day of spring, I feel a lot like The Singing Man from Friends:

"Spring's here! The spring is here!"

Only rather than sing about the morning, I’m singing about spring!

It's like our tulip poplar has an internal clock. It just started budding yesterday!
  • Turn off the heat and turn on the ceiling fans.
  • Give your boots the boot and bust out those flip flops.
  • Goodbye icy sidewalks, hello sidewalk chalk.
  • Drop off old sweaters at Goodwill, pick up new-to-me sundresses.
  • Happy, not SAD.

What do you love about spring?





I love my Friends.

Rarely a day goes by that I can’t relate a life lesson to one of my favorite all-time TV shows, or at least spout a random quote. This poster has been making the rounds on Pinterest and Facebook. It made me miss my Friends and made me smile (despite the typos and grammar mistakes). Had to share:

My favorites are 3, 7 and 31. Might I also add: Apartment pants are going to catch on. And: One must practice “Unagi” in order to reach a state of total awareness.

What did you learn from your Friends?