In the Weeds

photo-9Today was a yard work day. And being that we had more weeds in our herb garden than actual herbs, I had my work cut out for me. As I detangled the undesirables from my lavender, I thought about the Jane Fonda workout record my sister and I used to do with my mom. That’s right, a workout via vinyl (if that doesn’t date me I don’t know what does). In retrospect, my mom was probably really making an effort to exercise and there were her two little girls underfoot doing their best to keep up. I like to think we were more cute than in the way. We would jog in place, trying not to make the record skip and “pull weeds” to the tune of  “Can You Feel It” by The Jacksons. After today, though, I can safely say that pulling actual weeds is a better calorie burner (no offense, Fonda).

My three-and-a-half year-old son tried his best to assist. He grunted and grimaced as he pulled on a particularly stubborn weed. “Come on,” he said, half to the weed, half to himself.

“Yeah, Jed,” I said, “You tell that weed who’s boss.”

“Who’s boss, weed! Who’s, boss!” he screamed at the weed, repeatedly.

Definitely more cute than in the way.

An Enchanting Garden

I was on my morning walk in West Asheville today. I had time to kill as the store I needed to go to didn’t open ’til 11 (many retailers here don’t open ’til 11). I was taking pictures of homes, front porches and outdoor decor details that struck my fancy (more on that later), when I saw this:

The hole looks like a heart to you, too, right?

Then, as I rounded the corner, I found an entrance to a garden on the same property. There wasn’t a gate, just a pathway… so I walked in. It was magical — a repurposed rabbit hole. I was sure a stack of playing cards were going to march through the bushes at any moment holding brushes, dripping with red paint.

Click on any image for a closer look:

When the record store finally opened, I asked the woman working as she rang me up about the garden. She told me that all she knew was that it was owned and maintained by a man and that it was private property, but that he welcomed others to enjoy it during the day. How nice! Amazing though that it’s so easily concealed from the street that one could have lived a mile away from here for an entire year, not even aware that it existed. Mere conjecture, of course:)

Overgrown Kale: Greens Gone Wild

It’s almost mid-April and we’ve yet to prep our garden for spring and summer. We planted a few veggies and herbs this past winter on a whim, and by luck (and some insanely unseasonable weather) a few of them made it to harvest. And then there’s our green monster:

Yes, that “bush” with yellow flowers sprouting two feet out the top of it is our kale. We cut a bunch of it a few months ago for kale chips, but then assumed the frost got the better of our crops and kind of forgot about them. Then the warm weather hit and our kale went crazy. There’s so much of it, but I’m wondering if it’s even good anymore or if it’s past its prime? If any of you green thumbs out there have an idea, please let me know. We need to start planting soon and I don’t know if we should attempt to harvest this behemoth bounty of kale or chalk it up to compost.

Model Behavior, (Possibly) Planting Sunflowers, and Purple Peekaboo Highlights

A bad migraine cycle has kept me from my blog as of recent, so I’m using this post to catch you up to speed on what’s been going on in between burdensome headaches and, let’s face it,  a lot of self-pity.

First, the Diva Night Fashion Show. The first headache of my cycle hit me hard and fast right before I was supposed to walk the runway. The good news: my head hurt so much that the pain did not leave room for being nervous. The bad news: I had to wear this hat:

There weren’t any casualties, although there was an incident before the show when I practiced one of my “moves”, slinging a bag over my shoulder and hit another model in the face. The best news: We raised $1,300 for Girls on the Run of Western North Carolina!

Over the weekend, Jed and I planted sunflower seeds in a garden box on our back deck. We chose sunflowers because of their short germination period and apparently they are hard to mess up so kids don’t get disappointed. (Mind you, hard doesn’t mean impossible.) We got him his own gardening tools from Lowes:

Ours came with a kneel pad and did not include a bucket or rake.

I made the mistake of leaving him alone for 30 seconds while I filled the watering can. I don’t think he dug up all the seeds, but only time will tell. We might just be watering soil everyday. But he loves his gloves and shovel (kneel pad was sacrificed off the side of the deck as an offering to the poison ivy gods) and can’t wait to help us start the vegetable and herb gardens out front.

The other night, I came to the conclusion that whole wheat rotini is to pasta what sorbet is to dessert. You can wrap it up in pretty, recyclable, biodegradable packaging, put it on sale at Whole Foods, twirl it on a fork toward my mouth like an airplane. I don’t care how healthy it is, I’m not biting. Literally.

And finally, I was totally bummed that I missed Girl Scout cookie season. I only saw one card table set up with 3rd graders in green berets peddling their wares and I was out of cash. But yesterday in the frozen food section, I discovered this:

Only 3 grams of fat per serving!

I don’t know what I’m more excited about — Edy’s Girl Scouts Thin Mint Cookie ice cream, or my new purple peekaboo highlights!

The purple is way more subtle than the blue peekaboo highlights I had before, but still brings the funk. I’m lovin’ it!