I Was Framed: My New Glasses!

I loved my modern cateye frames until a certain pint-sized someone decided to “see something.” Apparently he wanted to see how far back he could pull the ear piece before it snapped. In case you’re wondering it wasn’t far.

While at the optician’s, I learned that color is huge with eyewear right now. I love the idea of blue, purple or red frames, but I’m only budgeted for one pair and I was afraid I wouldn’t be in the mood for such a bold statement piece… especially one that’s on my face.

So I chose these frames from Legre.

legre glasses

I love the distinctive tortoiseshell striations, and the red on the backside adds a splash of color without going overboard. Like Louboutins for the face:)

I didn’t get the anti-glare coating, which made taking a pic of myself in them quite challenging, but I gave it my best shot (pun intended):

When I told a friend how Jed broke my glasses for the second time, said friend urged me to get lasik. He said it changed his life. But I honestly don’t mind wearing contact lenses and glasses. In fact I rather fancy my eyewear. If I’m ever lost on a desert island I might feel otherwise, but as long as I’m civilized, I’ll stick with specs.

I would love to have several pairs and accessorize with them like jewelry. (Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds is my eyewear icon.) If Jed can go more than a couple of years without breaking a pair then perhaps I can slowly create a collection.

What kind of glasses do you wear?