5 Steps To Getting Pool-Ready When Pregnant.

When I tell people I’m due July 31, I get a lot of sympathetic shoulder squeezes and knowing “wow, pregnant in summer” nods. Truth be told, if I’m going to be large and uncomfortable, I’d rather be by the pool than stuffed into some bulky sweater and too-tight maternity jeans (yes, even my maternity pants are too tight at this point).

I thoroughly intend to park myself by the pool like a beached whale as much as time will allow between now and then. But I had to prepare.


1. Maternity Swimsuit.

I actually found shopping for one of these way less painful than a typical bikini season. There are only so many to choose from and you go into it knowing you’re going to look big no matter what. I chose this black one-piece from Old Navy. In retrospect, I should’ve gotten a tankini (multiple bathroom trips in a one-piece is no fun), but, well, hindsight and all.




2. Sunglasses

There are few personal shopping pleasures when pregnant. It always seems that every garment I’ve ever coveted goes on sale at this time, but of course I don’t want to buy anything before getting to know my postpartum body. Feet can change, so there’s no shoe shopping. And buying panty liners for a whole new, fun reason is truly no fun at all. But sunglasses are one thing I can indulge in without worrying about size. So this year, these were my birthday present to myself:


I found these bamboo frames on an ethical deal shopping site. And because there was a delay in shipping, they came with a handwritten apology plus one of these handmade Guatemalan sunglass bags for free! Talk about great customer service.



3. Water bottle

I’m supposed to drink 92 OUNCES of water per day, which is just not going to happen — but that doesn’t mean I don’t try. Because of the no-glass rule at the pool, I go with a classic Nalgene.



4. Sundress

Sometimes you just don’t feel like being in public in a swimsuit. That goes quadruple for when you’re pregnant, which is why about 90% of the time spent by the pool, I’m wearing a cover-up. My sister got me a black cotton dress for my birthday and I’ve been living in it. I can’t find a pic of the exact one, but it’s a lot like this one from The Gap.


For once, I would like to see an actual pregnant person model maternity clothes — swollen ankles, puffy “glowing” sweaty face, pudgy arms and all.


5. Trimming The Lady Garden

Last but certainly not least. I can’t see down there, but I know others can and there was no WAY I was going to attempt this blind, so I enlisted a professional. I just like to think of the pain as a warm-up for labor:)