I’ve been reading and “hearting” a lot of funny, clever, quippy thoughts on Instagram (SO many from @TheFatJewish) and realized, “Hey! I’m funny and clever sometimes.” My husband tells me I say one truly funny thing a year. I think he’s a tough crowd. I like to think I say at least 32 funny things a year, but you be the judge. I’m not the first person to come up with the hashtag #MomMemes. In fact, more than 6,000 others have beaten me to the punch. Not all of my memes will be mom-related, but between sickness, snow days, and winter break, I’ve been in a parenting purgatory of sorts since before Thanksgiving with little time to come up for air, exercise, or contact/conversation with other grown-ups. The struggle is real. Thanks to my friend, Christy, who co-created the vacuuming one — I like to think it doesn’t suck. Ha! Is 11:44am on a Tuesday too early for a cocktail? Day two of winter break and SO many to go…



A Little Viral Media Humor For You.

Writing for a social sharing site is WAY different than writing for magazines. This story from Upworthy offers keen insight on why we choose to click on and share certain stories from our Facebook feeds and favorite websites. It’s a theory called the ‘curiosity gap’. And whether you’re a writer or not, the psychology behind it is very fascinating. If you’ve visited The Onion’s new sister site Clickhole, you’ll see how they brilliantly satire the whole concept.

Unless you are in the viral media biz, you aren’t going to get this, but I was so pleased with myself I had to share:) LOL!