Speaking “stylist”, part 2: the after pics

Last week, my husband, Dave, got his hair cut. All of them, actually. (Look, Dad, I used your joke!) He did, indeed, read my instructions aloud to his hair stylist (a note he asked me to write on his behalf as he said he didn’t know how to describe what he wanted). And now for the big reveal.

He did not want me taking before and after shots. I stole the “before” pic from his blog, and waited until he was a couple of PBRs in before surprise attacking him with the “after”:

Then, he was on to me:

And finally, he thought better of it and smiled (and let me style him) for the camera:

A tad shorter than I expected on the sides, but bonus points for bringing home product and adding a beard trim — the “would you like fries with that?” of the men’s grooming world. I like to call it scruffy chic:)



Speaking “stylist”.

After months (and months) of growing his hair out, Dave is finally getting it cut this morning. Of course I had to make the appointment. When we got married, I didn’t realize that “wife” also meant “personal assistant” 🙂

He goes to this cool, vintagey place in West Asheville called The Blue Ribbon, where (you guessed it) you get an ice-cold PBR with your haircut.

He wanted me to go with him, but I had to work. He’s always afraid he doesn’t know how to talk to hair stylists… that he doesn’t know how to describe what he wants. Since I couldn’t go with him and hold his hand, I wrote him a note to give to his stylist:

Dear Amber,

Thank you for taking on my husband’s unruly mane. He asked me to write you a note expressing what he wants done to his hair. I may have taken a few liberties:)
1. He wants to keep the length, but doesn’t want it to look like a Jew ‘fro. So if possible, please keep the length, but take out the volume. 
2. If he needs to use a styling product, he will, but he’s low maintenance (if you can’t tell). Choose the best one and he’ll buy it.
3. Make sure it’s not too long in the back (i.e., no mullet).
4. If keeping the length sans volume simply won’t work with his hair type, just do your best to make him look as much like Robert Downey Jr. as possible.
He told me I wasn’t allowed to take before and after pics, but I lifted a “before” pic of him from his blog taken last weekend. He’s the one on the left, with the bushy beard and hair bursting out of his trucker hat:
We will see what he comes back with!