Model Behavior, (Possibly) Planting Sunflowers, and Purple Peekaboo Highlights

A bad migraine cycle has kept me from my blog as of recent, so I’m using this post to catch you up to speed on what’s been going on in between burdensome headaches and, let’s face it,  a lot of self-pity.

First, the Diva Night Fashion Show. The first headache of my cycle hit me hard and fast right before I was supposed to walk the runway. The good news: my head hurt so much that the pain did not leave room for being nervous. The bad news: I had to wear this hat:

There weren’t any casualties, although there was an incident before the show when I practiced one of my “moves”, slinging a bag over my shoulder and hit another model in the face. The best news: We raised $1,300 for Girls on the Run of Western North Carolina!

Over the weekend, Jed and I planted sunflower seeds in a garden box on our back deck. We chose sunflowers because of their short germination period and apparently they are hard to mess up so kids don’t get disappointed. (Mind you, hard doesn’t mean impossible.) We got him his own gardening tools from Lowes:

Ours came with a kneel pad and did not include a bucket or rake.

I made the mistake of leaving him alone for 30 seconds while I filled the watering can. I don’t think he dug up all the seeds, but only time will tell. We might just be watering soil everyday. But he loves his gloves and shovel (kneel pad was sacrificed off the side of the deck as an offering to the poison ivy gods) and can’t wait to help us start the vegetable and herb gardens out front.

The other night, I came to the conclusion that whole wheat rotini is to pasta what sorbet is to dessert. You can wrap it up in pretty, recyclable, biodegradable packaging, put it on sale at Whole Foods, twirl it on a fork toward my mouth like an airplane. I don’t care how healthy it is, I’m not biting. Literally.

And finally, I was totally bummed that I missed Girl Scout cookie season. I only saw one card table set up with 3rd graders in green berets peddling their wares and I was out of cash. But yesterday in the frozen food section, I discovered this:

Only 3 grams of fat per serving!

I don’t know what I’m more excited about — Edy’s Girl Scouts Thin Mint Cookie ice cream, or my new purple peekaboo highlights!

The purple is way more subtle than the blue peekaboo highlights I had before, but still brings the funk. I’m lovin’ it!

Peekaboo highlights.

Yesterday, I got a new ‘do!

HA! Just kidding. This pic is from mid-cut… merely in the bleaching process of my peekaboo highlights! I’ve been wanting to do this to my hair for years. That’s right, years. It took me three years to find the perfect pair of black boots and four years to find the perfect winter coat. I only thought about this for two years before taking the plunge, so I’m getting better!

There’s only so much you can do with thick, curly hair. A lot of the hair trends (especially cuts) just won’t work. In middle school, I had to watch as the rest of my friends got perms and big bangs (who got the last laugh on that?) while I suffered through a time without ceramic flat irons. I still believe that a ceramic flat iron could’ve serious changed my adolescent life. Anyhoo, one thing I can change about my hair is the color. I love my natural brown and wasn’t about to try to fake it with something that could be seen as “real”. I wanted something punky, funky and just plain fun.

Peekaboo highlights are a great way to experiment with color because they don’t cost a lot (mine were only $25!) and you can put them wherever you want. Because I never know what kind of job opportunity might pop up, I asked my stylist, Blue Hughes, to strategically place mine somewhere that I could hide them if I needed to. Is it too cute that my stylist’s name is Blue and she put blue in my hair? I’ve actually been wanting blue since before I met Blue… just a crazy coincidence!

I always imagined it as a dark blue, but Blue came up with the amazing idea to put a shade of brighter blue down the middle. She worked her magic so they fade into each other for a cool, feathery effect. I can make one color show more than the other, highlight both, or neither (like when my in-laws visit on Sunday… I don’t think they’re ready for this).

I never thought I’d be a “blue hair” this early in life. I know it’s not for everyone, but I love it! It’s definitely not for my mom. She’s not one to voice her opinion (one of the many reasons I love her so), but her silence followed by a Marge Simpson-like grumble said enough. Hey, I had to prepare her before she sees me next week at Thanksgiving. Funny at 32 that I’m still worried about what my parents will think… but I won’t lose sleep over it:) Thanks, Blue, for an ah-MAZE-ing ‘do!

Have you ever done something drastic or daring to your hair? Did you love it or regret it?