An inspiring workspace.

I’ve spent the past couple of mornings copy editing the fall issue of my husband’s magazine. He and his partner in crime, Steve, work out of Steve’s studio. Steve Seinberg is the magazine’s art director and a dear friend, but in his “spare time” he scrapes by as a world renowned artist.

I love experiencing other people’s creative spaces–seeing what they surround themselves with, what music they listen to, what inspires them, feeling the energy. I was working at Steve’s computer and saw this quote tacked above his desk:

If you can’t read his handwriting it says:

In the end you opened your eyes.
You saw yourself seen by my eyes,
and from my eyes you saw yourself:
falling like a fruit on the grass,
like a stone in the pond,
you fell into yourself.

~ Octavio Paz

So beautiful. Although Steve is a painter, a lot of his work is inspired by the written word–the poetry of Octavio Paz for example. It’s been awhile since I’ve been introduced to a new poet who has really grabbed me. I might have to copy Steve and tack this up on my mood board in my home office.

Do you have a poet or stanza that speaks to you?

Words and music.

“Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” ~ ???

This quote has been attributed to Steve Martin, Martin Mull, Frank Zappa and Elvis Costello to name a few. I can’t imagine not claiming such an accurate, colorful witticism and yet it remains shrouded in inscrutability. This is the type of writing I love. Great writing doesn’t require fancy words. Don’t get me wrong. I love all words. But there’s so much you can do with the most basic vocabulary.

As someone who has written music features, I can attest to the truth of this quote. I have not faced a greater writing challenge than writing about music and have the utmost respect for those who do it well.