An Enchanting Garden

I was on my morning walk in West Asheville today. I had time to kill as the store I needed to go to didn’t open ’til 11 (many retailers here don’t open ’til 11). I was taking pictures of homes, front porches and outdoor decor details that struck my fancy (more on that later), when I saw this:

The hole looks like a heart to you, too, right?

Then, as I rounded the corner, I found an entrance to a garden on the same property. There wasn’t a gate, just a pathway… so I walked in. It was magical — a repurposed rabbit hole. I was sure a stack of playing cards were going to march through the bushes at any moment holding brushes, dripping with red paint.

Click on any image for a closer look:

When the record store finally opened, I asked the woman working as she rang me up about the garden. She told me that all she knew was that it was owned and maintained by a man and that it was private property, but that he welcomed others to enjoy it during the day. How nice! Amazing though that it’s so easily concealed from the street that one could have lived a mile away from here for an entire year, not even aware that it existed. Mere conjecture, of course:)

I Spy: The Morning Walk Edition

I was inspired by a poetic Facebook post my friend Ann wrote the other week about her morning walk. She simply stated what she saw, but there was something about it. Apparently, I’m not the only one who noticed, because another friend of hers caught on and added what she saw on her morning walk. Well, I finally got around to taking a walk myself this morning in North Asheville before picking up Jed from school, and have my own to share. It’s a really fun game! Thanks for the idea, Ann:)

On my walk this morning, I saw:

Two girls sitting in improvised thrones in their front yard,

A runner with the coolest pair of purple Nikes that would even entice me to try running again,

A house painted a shade of orange that made me happy just looking at it,

A beautiful bush of blooming blue hydrangeas,


A clever way to display a house number,


And, I don’t know my flowers as well as I’d like, but what I think are a bunch of wildflowers. I love the red and blue/purple color contrast!


I was also accosted by a guy who shoved a piece of paper in my face, begging me to help him win a contest. And every person I passed smiled and waved and/or said hello (creepy contest dude excluded, although he did talk to me). I love Asheville.

Take a walk and tell me what you see!