Fun Fruit Bowl Alternative

Fun Fruit Bowl Alternative

Green apples in a wooden or white bowl. It’s been done. (I’ve done it.) Why not mix it up? Tangerines really pop in this blue bowl.

“Prepping” for Fall.

I’ve long since outgrown my Lily Pulitzers and Lacoste shirt obsession. (Literally outgrew those dresses. I will never be a size 4 again. Ever.) But fall in the South will always make me long for tailgating—I love a bow tie and bourbon in the morning. And when I saw these for only $9 at my favorite children’s consignment store, I couldn’t resist! I don’t think Jed will be sporting Nantucket red anytime soon, but what can I say? I’m a sucker for embroidered wide-wale cords:

baby Gap bear cords

If it weren’t for birth control…

…I’d never know what day it was.

birth control pills

Happy Friday!

Pinteresting Picture Wall

If it weren’t for Pinterest, I’d never remember the wonderful ideas I find all over the Internet — like this dynamic yet simple hanging how-to I found from

Measuring accurately to keep that inch and a half of negative space between the top and bottom row of pictures drove me to the brink of insanity… and turned my wall into baby Swiss. Much like a new nurse with her first patient trying to find that pesky vein. Lots of trial and error (despite my measuring tape and level). Lots of holes.

I finally gave up and eyeballed the last three frames. I’m pretty proud of how it turned out:

I still have plenty of room to build out on top and underneath, but the difficult part is done — I’ve established the line. My next wall project awaits me in my Pinterest account, also via

Source: via Lindsey on Pinterest

I never thought of myself as a Martha girl before. Is Martha changing or am I?

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